The Card for Building Your Credit Today to Be Approved for Home and Auto Loans Tomorrow.

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The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is for people planning their financial future and it's never been easier to establish credit.

  • No credit check to apply
  • Low annual fee ($35)
  • Security deposit required ($200 minimum)
  • Apply in less than 5 minutes

3 Fast, Simple Steps to Building Your Credit

Apply for the Card

  • Fill out a short 5-minute application.
  • No credit check needed to apply.

Submit a Security Deposit

  • Choose your credit line with a one-time refundable deposit1, starting at $200. 
  • The security deposit1 serves as collateral to your credit line. 

Build Your Credit Score

  • Monthly reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus.
  • Make on-time payments to improve your credit score.
  • Stay on track with our convenient mobile app.

More Than 600,000 People Have Used OpenSky to Help Build Their Credit

My score has moved up 46 points in just 6 months!

Laverne J.
OpenSky® User

Very helpful in rebuilding my credit after a messy bankruptcy

Yogi D.
OpenSky® User

My credit score went up from 547 to 651 in just 9 months! I have had nothing but good experiences with this card

Kd N.
OpenSky® User


OpenSky® by Capital Bank
Cardholder Agreement

You may be able to get by without credit, but why would you want to? Good credit can help you make it easier to get approval on a loan or rental application, save money on interest, lower your monthly payments and receive the most favorable terms.

The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card can help you build the credit history you need in order to have leverage when dealing with rental car companies, landlords, car dealerships, and even mortgage lenders.

You may not use your credit score all the time, but when you do you’ll be glad the OpenSky card helped you get on the path to better credit now instead of later.

n help!

1. Your security deposit is returned to you once your credit card account is closed and the balance is paid in full. We may use your security deposit to expedite the pay down of your outstanding balance. Please refer to your Cardholder Agreement for additional details related to your security deposit. 

Why Does Your Credit Rating Matter?

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